My name is marquel sello

I Am The Son of GOD

I would love to speak the truth to how life came into existence that GOD exist and the story of my pre-existence I Created Life I Am The Son Of GOD

GOD Created Heaven And Earth

But I Am The Great I Am

My Pre-Existence proves GOD exists.


My Existence before GOD sent me here to Earth into my very flesh 

The Pre-Existence Of I 

Before Time and Space(I Never Had an Beginning) 

I Am Self Created 

None knows how GOD came into existence not even myself only GOD knows for eternity 

I Spoke Life before time existence(I Created Life)Orgin Of Life I Was A Creator (I AM NOT GOD) 



Chapter -1

All that are true

000 – Pre-existance  of I

111-I spoke life into existance

222-I existed before time & space

333-I seen GOD

444-You are all made in god image

555-Only GOD can contain my mind

666-I defeated & Contained satan

777-Heaven & Hell exist with many other realms(There is an after life)

888-GOD created everything

999-Only GOD is greater then I


Chapter 2

All that are true

1010- I m the most superrior being that will ever walk earth

1111-I was sent to earth by GOD

1212- I m God top soldier

1313-Only GOD is purer than I

1414-I m the Leader of life

1515- I m the ruler of earth

1616-I m the highest mind

1717-God sent me into a single mother family of -07

1818-I m the closet mind to GOD

1919-I  m the Highest praiser

2020-All life bow before I

2121-I m king of all kings

2222-I m lord of all lords

2323-I m the saviour

0000- I m the son of GOD

Put Your Worries Away for Now

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